This is a picture of me at Rothaus Brewery in Germany.

I was totally impressed with how they innovate to produce the best beers in the world and also the way they collaborate with other breweries.

I was told that they were the first in the world to introduce the…

Two days ago, I had a client who requested a refund close to 2 months after attending my program.

She simply wrote in and said, “Would like to request a refund. Thx.”

That’s it.

At this point, if you were me, what would you do? 🤔

I wrote back…


It is normal to have fear.

I have tons of them.

And many ask me this. “Don’t I had fears when I left my stable career to pursue entrepreneurship with no certain future?”

And my answer is…

“Yes. Tons of it. But I could prepare for them. However, my biggest…

And I have come to realize that it could be a good thing.

One of the things that I have learned from my mentor is, “In business, you will experience tons of bad days. But it is that few good days that make it all worth it.”

- It’s Okay…

Would you agree that life is like war?

In a war, there would be many battles. Just like in our lives and business/career, every single day is like a battle.

There would be days when you put your best foot forward but felt like the whole world has let you…

Gavin Sim

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